Thursday, 2 January 2014

New crock pot

So, yesterday I bought in the sale a new crock pot, a slow cooker. I haven't used one before, but I have been thinking about one for some time. Apparently it is great for low fat cooking, and I am feeling the need to detox a little bit after the Christmas excesses. Also, it could be very useful in the next year, when both the kids will be at secondary school, and we will not longer have an au pair. From the blurb, I can just throw the ingredients into the cooker in the morning, and a lovely hot meal will be ready when we get home.

But first, I need to learn to cook with it. So, I thought I would use this very old blog to document my experiences and the recipes I try. So far, I have come up with a few places to start.

The bbcgoodfood website has a collection of recipes, including this one one for chilli, which I might try tomorrow.

Sara's chilli con carne | BBC Good Food

I also like this site, Moms with Crockpots, which seems to have some great recipes. They also have a Facebook page, which I have started to follow.

The Channel 4 4Food site has another collection of recipes, including some from Jamie Oliver.

Chef in Training is not just slow cooking, but has a nice collection of slow cook recipes.

Another large collection of recipes is found at This also has some chilli recipes that I will take a look at.

And finally, for tonight, here's the crock-pot site. It doesn't appear easy to navigate or browse, but good to know about.

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