Sunday, 26 January 2014

Chilli by George

I haven't updated the blog for a week, but that doesn't mean I haven't been using the crock-pot!

About 10 days ago we tried another chilli recipe, this time from

I used about 600g of minced beef and one tin of chopped tomatoes. I didn't use tomato juice or pinto beans.  I substituted red pepper for green pepper. But I did use the same spices, in the quantities given.

I prepared this before going to work, so was short on time. I browned the minced beef and threw it, and everything else, into the crock-pot. There it cooked, on the low setting, for about 9 hours. I just had to prepare some rice and grated cheese when I got home.

The Result
The chilli was pretty good, but not as flavoursome as Sara's chilli. I think it lacked the beefiness from the stock cubes. Also, despite not including tomato juice, it seemed to have more liquid. In future, I think I will stick with Sara's chilli.

The Verdict
Both children gave this 8/10, though they ate every last bit of it.

I forgot to take a photo of this before it was all eaten.

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